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Our key areas of expertise include:


Due diligence / pre-purchase advice.
Hickey Oatley regularly provides advice on a site’s development potential and identifies key potential risks and costs.


Project planning and DA strategy.
Hickey Oatley regularly develops strategies for its clients on how they can avoid having to lodge a development application or otherwise minimise risk.


Development applications.
Hickey Oatley specialises in preparing development applications and managing the assessment process through to decision.


Survey plan endorsement.
Hickey Oatley understands the importance of achieving titles as quickly as possible and ensures to do so by efficiently and effectively managing the process.


Project coordination services.
Hickey Oatley offers project coordination services to assist with delivering a project from inception through to settlement.


Infrastructure designations.
Hickey Oatley is experienced in leading the infrastructure designation process from an early concept through to Ministerial decision and gazettal.

Project Types We Work On

  • Mid and high rise apartment buildings
  • Townhouses
  • New dwelling houses, extensions, renovations and carports
  • Land subdivisions
  • Retail and commercial developments
  • Child care centres and educational establishments
  • Industrial developments and warehouses.
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Hickey Oatley Commercial Project - Beenleigh Shopping Village
Hickey Oatley Flat Lay Services concept

RiskSmart Accreditation

Hickey Oatley is a Logan and Brisbane City Council RiskSmart accredited consultancy.  RiskSmart is a fast-tracked approval process for low risk, decision-ready development applications. Accredited consultants are entrusted with preparing and assessing low risk development applications for Council endorsement.


  • Gold Coast City Council offer a 10% discount on their application fees
  • Brisbane City Council offer a 20% discount on their application fees
  • Logan City Council offer a 25% discount on their application fees
  • Reduced assessment timeframes. Once lodged, a decision is usually granted in 5 business days.

Types of Applications that may be Eligible for RiskSmart

Brisbane City Council

  • New dwelling houses and extensions
  • Dual occupancy and Multiple dwellings (up to 10 dwellings)
  • Reconfiguration of a lot (up to 10 lots)
  • Low impact industry, medium impact industry and warehouse
  • Centre activities in a centre zone (400m2 or 5% of existing GFA, whichever is the greater)
  • Prescribed tidal works
  • Educational establishment (where no increase to student capacity)

Gold City Council

  • New dwelling houses or Dual occupancy with a partial third storey
  • Multiple dwellings (up to 10 dwellings)
  • Reconfiguration of a lot (up to 6 lots)
  • Business activities (food and drink outlet; office; shop; showroom; hardware and trade supplies; education establishment; veterinary services; health care services)
  • Industrial activities (involving the manufacture, production, processing, repair, alteration, distribution and storage of any product)

Logan City Council

  • Residential – Dwelling
  • Residential – Other (includes mixed use developments incorporating residential component)
  • Reconfiguring a Lot (within any zone)
  • Commercial/Retail/Other (also includes mixed use developments incorporating residential component and other uses not listed here)