Urban Landscaping in urban areas of City

Protecting and creating greenspace was one of the eight key principles to come out of Brisbane City Council’s “Plan Your Brisbane” initiative and is subsequently featured in  its Future Blueprint strategy.  

As urban areas continue to expand and grow, Council and the development industry is tasked with the responsibility to incorporate landscaping and greenspace into existing areas and new developments in new and exciting way to create a more sustainable, liveable and wholistic city.

A recent article published by The Urban Developer on the topic of green rooftops highlighted Brisbane City Council’s support for developers wanting to provide more natural and useable spaces in urban areas.  The support comes through a planning amendment to the Brisbane City Plan 2014 to allow developers to incorporate communal green spaces with appropriate shading, on building rooftops without classifying the space as a “storey”.

Council is also encouraging developers to incorporate green spaces into external horizontal and internal level gardens.

Research has shown that these green spaces promote physical activity, psychological well-being and increased general public health in residents (1). Further, these spaces also impact positively on air-pollution, noise levels, temperature regulations, stormwater catchments and if designed to cater for it, they can grow and provide food.

However, scholars have labelled the gap in accessibility of urban green spaces in areas across cities and states as an environmental justice issue, as awareness of its importance has become widely recognised. Landscaping holds aesthetic, natural and cultural qualities that are valued by individuals in multiple ways. Showing that green spaces and urban landscapes need to consider these qualities in relevance to local communities for spaces to be inclusive and practical.

With Council now acknowledging the need for functional green spaces, designers and developers are afforded more flexibility to ensure urban developments have more useable space, are compliant to site needs and incorporate requirements of green and sustainable spaces and practices.

Hickey Oatley welcomes developers and homeowners who are considering or wish to know more about Council planning requirements for these green spaces to contact us today on 0401 349 601 or hello@hickeyoatley.com.au.

Below are some amazing examples of green spaces around Brisbane and Internationally.

Cover Image: Iwan Bann  Edits: Rhiannon Smit

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