Logan City Council’s Proposed Planning Scheme Amendments

Dual occupancy Auxillary units in Logan City Council

Logan City Council (LCC) are currently proposing 3 major amendment packages to the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 v5.1.  

The packages which are currently on public display, include:

  1. Miscellaneous Major Amendment No. 1
  2. Miscellaneous Major Amendment No. 2
  3.  Auxiliary Unit Amendment.


We have reviewed the three (3) amendment packages and summarised the key changes below:

Auxiliary Units

For those unfamiliar with the term, an “Auxillary unit” is a Dual occupancy where both dwellings are owned by the same person on 1 land title.  Council are proposing to amend the definition to include a requirement for a minimum lot size.  This will mean a Dual occupancy is only classified as an “Auxillary unit” if in addition to be owned by the same person on 1 land title, it is located on a lot with a minimum size of 450m2.

Council are also proposing to amend the Dual occupancy and Dwelling house code to introduce a number of new requirements including:

  • When the Auxiliary unit is fronting a road, it must have a minimum frontage of 15m
  • When the Auxiliary unit is fronting a road, it must provide a minimum of five (5) on-site car parking spaces, and
  • Where fronting a road, driveways need to have a minimum 5.5m width for their full extent (from the kerb invert to the garage).


  • Operating hour restrictions in the Mixed-use zone are proposed to be removed
  •  Various amendments are proposed to clarify the relationship between small-scale Food and drink outlets and Service stations
  • Queuing requirements are proposed to be incorporated into the Service, access and parking code for car wash; food and drink outlet; hardware and trade supplies; hotel; resort complexes and service station uses

Reconfiguring a lot

  • When reconfiguring a lot, there is a requirement for greater diversity of lots sizes where creating 10 or more lots
  • The change of average lot size requirements for the Low-medium density residential zone to minimum lot size requirements
  • The provision of a vehicle turnaround area in developments involving the creation of three (3) or more rear lots

Levels of assessment

  • ·Allowance for townhouse developments in apartment precinct of the Low-medium density residential zone

These proposed changes offer both pros and cons to the planning system. The new changes with auxiliary units and reconfigurations of lot sizes and requirements are limiting the affordable housing developers can offer. While the practically of a turnaround area, diversity of lots sizes and larger driveways is understood, for growing areas these requirements are missed opportunities for both developers and home owners.

Other proposed amendments present opportunities, with the unlimited hours of operation now allowing development sites more working hours to complete projects efficiently with quicker completion timeframes. There is also the flexibility to deliver townhouses in apartment areas, giving home owners more opportunity.


We encourage anyone already developing or considering developing in Logan in the future, to review the proposed changes and where appropriate make a submission to Council on or before 22 October 2018.

Hickey Oatley is a RiskSmart accredited consultant with LCC and therefore is best able to provide you with advice on your development and how these changes may affect you.  If you have any queries or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today on 0401 349 601 or hello@hickeyoatley.com.au.

For more information on these changes visit Amendments on consultation.

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