Brisbane City Plan – Major Amendment Package E

Proposed amendment to Brisbane City Plan 2014 could affect areas such as Brisbane's river walk areas

 Brisbane City Council is currently requesting feedback on its proposed major amendment package to the Brisbane City Plan 2014, Amendment Package E.

The proposed amendment package includes changes across a wide range of citywide provisions, including:

  • Car share: Changes are proposed to theTransport, access, parking and servicing Planning scheme policy to clarify that car share spaces count towards minimum car parking numbers in certain circumstances but do not count towards maximum rates in other circumstances (i.e. Multiple dwellings in the City core).
  • Industry provisions: To complement Council’s Brisbane Industrial Strategy 2019, various changes are proposed to the Strategic framework, Tables of assessment, Industry code and definitions to clarify the geographical extent of the Strategic Inner City Industrial Areas as well as, changes to other industrial provisions such as hours of operations. Specifically, the current amendment package, proposes to introduce additional requirements when operating outside 7:00pm to 7:00am by not permitting it to occur within 75m of a sensitive zone.  We at HOPD, believe that there are innocuous industrial activities that can be accommodated 24hrs/7days a week in close proximity to a sensitive area and recommend further changes to support extended operating hours. 
  • Major transport infrastructure: Council’s factsheet details that changes are proposed to the Regional infrastructure corridors overlay map, code and Table of assessment to ensure development does not adversely impact the structural integrity, operation and maintenance access of the Clem Jones Tunnel and Legacy Way Tunnel.
  • Multiple dwellings: The Multiple dwelling codehas been restructured under topic headings and some minor changes are proposed to its overall outcomes.
  • Significant landscape trees: The Significant landscape trees overlay code has been restructured under development types and an extensive list of new significant landscape trees in specific locations have been added.
  • Special Entertainment Area: The Newstead and Teneriffe waterfront neighbourhood plan codehas been amended to identify the Triffd as a “special entertainment area” and include specific provisions to protect it from reverse amenity impacts associated with sensitive uses being constructed in close proximity to it.
  • Emerging community zone: Changes are proposed to the overall outcomes of the Emerging community zone codeto set specific maximum residential density rates and confirm what type of residential development would be permitted (i.e. multiple dwellings at 24dw/ha where located within 400m walking distance of a dedicated public transport stop with a service frequency of X). Changes are also proposed to the Strategic Framework to limit support for Multiple dwellings to only in locations provided for in a neighbourhood plan or within walking distance of high frequency public transport.
  • Subdivision: Similar to the Multiple dwelling code, the Subdivision code has been restructured under topic headings and some minor changes are proposed to its overall outcomes.
  • Transport air quality corridors:Changes are proposed to impose restrictions on any development 7m or higher within the Transport air quality corridor B sub-category (as opposed to just child care centres under the current provisions).
  • Waterway corridors: The Waterway corridor overlay codehas been restructured and introduces additional requirements to avoid the fragmentation of the existing corridors and ensure riparian vegetation is protected. It also introduces additional requirements for development in the Rochedale urban community neighbourhood plan area.
  • Mapping: Council’s factsheet details various amendments are proposed to its zoning maps, the Dwelling house character overlay mapping, the Regional infrastructure corridors and substations overlay mapping, Significant landscape tree overlay mapping, Traditional building character overlay mapping, Transport air quality overlay mapping and Waterways corridor overlay mapping.

We encourage all our clients, industry colleagues and interested individuals to review the proposed changes for themselves and make a submission to Council.  Submissions are open until 5pm Friday 12 April 2019. 

If you have any queries or require any assistance in doing so, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today on 0401 349 601 or

Image: Jess Krause, Edits: Rhiannon Smit

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